Xinhong Stone Industry was founded in 1989 and is located in. "World Stone Carving Capital", "Chinese Sculpture Art Inheritance Base", "Chinese Architecture Hometown" Hui'an County, Fujian, is a comprehensive stone carving and stone enterprise integrating design, production and installation with large production scale, strong technical force, excellent product quality and integration. , The company's business involves garden landscape stone carving, religious ancient building stone carving, fine jade carving, urban sculpture, cemetery stele, stone curtain wall and stone decoration projects.


After nearly 30 years of hard work, Chen Guoping has developed the original small stone carving factory into a leading stone carving enterprise in Hui'an with tenacious perseverance and high sense of responsibility. He is well-known for his advanced equipment, standardized management, strong technical force, and excellent product quality. . The company has been awarded by CISE as one of the "Top Ten Enterprises in Stone Landscaping and Stone Carving in China", and awarded by the Fujian Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce, the Quanzhou Municipal Government, and the Hui'an County Government as a "contract-honoring, trustworthy" enterprise and "ten best enterprise" ", "Excellent Enterprise", "Star Enterprise" and many other honors. Chen Guoping was also rated as an economist, a senior arts and crafts artist, and a national first-level (senior) technician, and he was ranked among the 36 "ventures of entrepreneurship" among private enterprises in Quanzhou. He was awarded the new Long March assaulter in Fujian Province, the 2012-2017 Advanced Individual in the Stone Carving and Stone Carving Industry of China Stone Association, and the Master of Arts and Crafts in Fujian Province.

  • 2018

    Established Xinyang Rehabilitation Center Hospital

  • 2012- 2017

    Chen Guo was awarded the new Long March assaulter of Fujian Province, 2012-2017 Advanced Individual in Stone Carving and Stone Carving Industry of China Stone Association, and Master of Arts and Crafts of Fujian Province.

  • 2010

    Built Shanxia Nursing Home

  • 2008

    While engaged in the stone carving and stone industry, Chen Guoping expanded into other industries and established Xinhong Garment Co., Ltd. in 2008

  • 1998

    Due to the expansion of business, the third plant of Xinhong was established and put into operation in 1998

  • 1994

    Established Xinhong Stone Co., Ltd. and served as chairman and general manager

  • 1993

    Established Xinhong Stone Carving Second Factory in 1993

  • February 1989

    25-year-old Chen Guoping led more than 50 apprentices back to his hometown of Shanxia Town, Hui'an, to prepare for business. In February 1989, he founded the Hui'an Xinhong Stone Carving Factory as the factory director.

  • End of 1988

    With a skill and some accumulation of funds, 25-year-old Chen Guoping led more than 50 apprentices to return to his hometown, Shanxia Town, Hui'an, to prepare for a business.

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