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Why is the stone carving Guanyin so prosperous?

Why is the stone carving Guanyin so prosperous?



Due to the harsh natural conditions and continuous wars, the natural population growth rate is very low, sometimes in the form of negative growth. The stone carving sends the child Guanyin, according to Mr. Yuan Zuliang’s "Monograph Study of Ancient Chinese Population History" According to statistics, during the 416 years from the reign of the Western Zhou Dynasty in 1100 BC to the Eastern Zhouzhuang King in 684 BC, the natural population growth rate was -0.35%, showing a state of negative growth. From Dongzhouzhuang in 684 BC From the reign of Kings to about 390 BC, China’s population decreased by 1841923 people, and the natural population growth rate was -0.57%, which was also in a state of negative growth.

The stone sculpture sent the child Guanyin. In the middle and late Warring States period, due to the development and promotion of ironware, productivity has been greatly improved. China's population has grown substantially, from 10 million in 390 BC to 59,594,978. Its natural population growth rate is 4.5%. However, after this peak of population growth, due to frequent natural disasters and continuous merger wars, China's population growth was almost zero during the period from the early Western Han Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty around 1600. It is precisely because population played such an important role in ancient economic development that the rulers of all dynasties in China recruited refugees and rewarded farming.

In the ancient agricultural society, in the absence of innovation and improvement in labor technology and production tools, to improve labor efficiency, it is necessary to increase the labor force and the quantity and intensity of labor, so a strong desire for fertility arises. The stone sculpture sends the child Guanyin, and the poem "Daya· Fake Music" congratulates King Xuan on his "thousand fortunes and hundreds of billions of fortunes, and hundreds of billions of children and grandchildren" in the Book of Songs. At the same time, in the ancient agricultural society, the level of productivity was relatively backward, medical conditions were low, and people did not have strong resistance to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and diseases. In order to prevent the death of children, people usually expect to have more children to avoid The risk of severing children and grandchildren.

Sima Xiangru, a great writer in the Han Dynasty, was frail and sick when he was a child. In order to allow him to grow up successfully, his parents put his name under the humble dog's name and named him Hunzi. From ancient times Scholars and doctors humbly call their children dogs. The stone sculpture sends the son Guanyin. In the Warring States Period, the Huafeng people in the "Zhuangzi" congratulated the saint, wishing him a long life, a lot of blessings, and a clear connection between a person's longevity and the number of children and grandchildren.

is precisely because of this. As early as in the pre-Qin period, the emperor led the people to worship Gao Qi in the spring of the prison to pray for his son. Under the influence and restriction of this farming civilization, the traditional small-scale agricultural production method must rely on a large amount of labor, which objectively prompted the Chinese nation to form a cultural psychology of many children and happiness, which is also a variety of demands. The root cause of sub-customs.

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