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Stone carving-enduring stone memory

Stone carving-enduring stone memory



There is a history of stone carving as early as the origin of human art. Stone carving is one of the oldest skills in China. So far, no human art form is older than stone carving, and there is no one. Art form can be more popular and enduring than stone carving.

stone carving has gone through more than 200 years of development, from the initial stone tool development to the modern rich and diversified forms of artistic expression, from the original carving to the present wide variety of carving tools, from a single carving technique to the present hundreds of talented artists. For superb carving techniques. The carving techniques of stone carving are diverse, and most of them can be divided into six categories: line carving, embossed sui, round sui, open-cut, open-cut, and suspended carving.

The ancient Chinese sculpture art has a long history, profound background, rich sculpture language, and expression of wisdom. It reached its peak in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. The sculpture art of this period is still dominated by Buddhism in the subject matter, but compared with the past, it has gradually penetrated the connotation of realistic and secular art of life.

The stone statues of Buddha have reference significance for the study of the historical changes of Buddhist statues of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Throughout the history of Buddhism, the Buddhist sculptures and appearances of each dynasty are not static, but have maintained changes for a long time, and have an important relationship with the cultural environment of the dynasty. The stone statues of Buddha have a certain medium for the spread of Buddhist culture. Buddha statues are part of Buddhist culture and are a medium for spreading Buddhist culture, allowing people to appreciate the sculpture art of Buddha statues and feel the bits and pieces of Buddhist culture at the same time. Stone statues of Buddha have a huge effect on promoting the spirit of Buddhism. There are many types of Buddha sculptures. People can dig out the kind thoughts in their hearts by understanding the doctrine and spirit of Buddhism.

The spiritual concept of Chinese traditional culture: Chinese traditional culture advocates the harmony between man and nature, the unity of form and spirit, and the spiritual concept of romance and broadness. All these will have a positive impact on contemporary sculpture creation.

stone culture column

stone culture column

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culture column

Luxurious stone tombstone

Luxurious stone tombstone



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