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03 2021-08

Stone carving-enduring stone memory

There is a history of stone carving as early as the origin of human art. Stone carving is one of the most ancient skills in China. So far, no human art form is older than stone carving, and no art form is more popular and lasting than stone carving.
03 2021-08

Why is the stone carving Guanyin so prosperous?

Due to the harsh natural conditions and continuous wars, the natural growth rate of the population is very low, sometimes in the form of negative growth. The stone sculpture sends the child Guanyin. According to the statistics of Mr. Yuan Zuliang’s "Monograph Study on Ancient Chinese Population History", the natural population growth has occurred during the 416 years from the reign of the Western Zhou Dynasty in 1100 BC to the Eastern Zhouzhuang King in 684 BC. The rate is -0.35%, showing a state of negative growth. From the period of the King of Eastern Zhouzhuang in 684 BC to about 390 BC, China's population decreased by 1,841,923 people, and the natural population growth rate was -0.57%, which was also in a state of negative growth.
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